1. Due to thermal insulation, the room remains cooler in summer and warmer in winter than outside. Hence, a room provided with thermal insulation gives comfort both in summer and winter.
  2. Energy Saving: Due to thermal insulation transfer of heat between inside and outside of the room is restricted. This results in less quantity of energy required for maintaining the desired temperature in the room.
  3. Prevention of thermal stress on roofs. Due to thermal stresses, roof decks tend to crack. These would be reduced to a great extent.
  4. Generally over-the-deck insulation materials are much lighter than the currently used brickbat coba or concrete, resulting in reduced deadweight on the roof slab.
  5. Non-Toxic, Environmental friendly solutions.
  6. Energy saving resulting in reduced costs of
    1. Running cost of Air-conditioning.
    2. Capital equipment cost reduction.
  7. No Heat absorption and subsequent dissipation.
  8. Can avoid Expansion Joints.
  9. Temperature drop of 5oC to 10oC depending on outside Temperature.
  10. Composite approach to:
  •                        Thermal Insulation.
  •                        Waterproofing
  •                        Slope Creation.

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